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Poetry Group Slam

Poetry can be contemplative and reflective but it can also be performed to an audience. Performed by an individual or, as in this activity, by a group.  You’ll need a text or texts suitable for a group performance. Students should … Continue reading

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Reach for the Stars with a Book

At a time when the book is being assailed on all sides we thought it would be appropriate to set our standard and rally to the cause. Libraries are closing, electronic books are replacing the hallowed paper  page and people simply aren’t … Continue reading

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The Little Boy and the Old Man – Shel Silverstein

Here’s a great poem to act out. A dialogue between a young boy of about four and an old man of around 75, so the characters have to sound very different from each other. The Little Boy and the Old … Continue reading

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My Boom Boom Boomerang

This is a great performance poem, particulalry the chorus. On ‘boom boom boom boom’ you move your hips from side to side followed by outlining the shape of the boomerang with your two index fingers.Then you can look through binoculars … Continue reading

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