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The Perfect Wife; a tale by Nasreddin Hoca

The Perfect Wife – a tale simply to read and enjoy. Nasreddin Hoca was sitting in a tea shop when a friend excitedly came in. ‘I’m so happy, Hoca,’ his friend gushed, ‘I’m about to get married. Hoca, have you … Continue reading

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Strong Wind – a Native American Cinderella story

Strong Wind Once there was a great warrior named Strong Wind. He lived with his sister in a tent on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean. Strong Wind had an amazing power. He was able to make himself invisible. His … Continue reading

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The Tea Master and the Samurai – a Japanese folktale

Once there was a famous Japanese tea master called Sen no Rikyu. Rikyu was a spiritual man who believed in simplicity and the beauty of nature. When he performed the tea ceremony he would carefully choose beautiful but simple pots … Continue reading

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The Worry Tree

The Worry Tree ! Paresh, an Indian carpenter I once hired to help me restore my old farmhouse, had just finished a difficult and hard first day on the job. A flat tyre on his lorry made him lose an … Continue reading

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Stone Soup – a folktale for the classroom

Due to popular demand we’ve posted this brilliant version of Stone Soup. It’s taken from Erik K Taylor’s wonderful book ‘Using Folktales’ published by Cambridge University Press. It’s got a great chorus which lends itself to stirring vigorously and miming … Continue reading

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The Witch, the Maid and the Gold in the Chimney -with tips on how to tell it…

The best stories for oral telling are those that contain lots of repetition. The key is to get the audience involved. It could be through joining in with repeated phrases, miming an action like ‘huffing, puffing and blowing’ or stirring … Continue reading

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