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Real werewolf stories

The full moon was Saturday night but it will be pretty large for a few more days. Time perhaps for some werewolf stories. These 8 stories go back hundreds of years and are myths of people that were really believed … Continue reading

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The Stonecutter – a Japanese version of the folktale

Once there was a poor stonecutter.  Each day he went to the mountain and cut blocks of stone, and  then took them to the market to sell. He was quite happy, until one day he looked through the gate of … Continue reading

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Introducing Kamishibai in Turkey- The Henry Brothers interviewed by Tara McGowan of Kamishibai for Kids

The Henry Brothers were recently interviewed by Tara McGowan for the website Kamishibai for Kids. Tara is a professional storyteller, teacher and visual artist and is an expert on the Japanese art of paper theatre or kamishibai. Tara is also the … Continue reading

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Chinese Year of the Dragon- 2012: The Dragon and the Rooster – A Chinese Folk Tale

The Dragon is a creature of myth and legend and 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon. The Chinese New Year begins on January 23rd and ends on February 9th 2013. The Dragon is the 5th sign of the … Continue reading

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The Monkey and the Crocodile – a Folk Tale.

The story of the monkey and the crocodile is an Indian folk tale which takes place on the banks of the Ganges. However, some say that it is in fact an African story thought to be from Kenya and there … Continue reading

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The Star-Wife….a folktale from South America.

There once was a young man who although considered ugly, had a warm and loving heart. The girls in the village judged him on his outward appearance and did not value what lay within. He worked in the fields growing … Continue reading

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Peach Boy

A great folk tale from Japan and a staple of kamishibai (Japanese paper theatre) of which we are firm adherents. Also, a great end of term play (see video at the end of the story). Peach Boy Once there was an old man … Continue reading

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