My Dad’s Amazing!

My dad’s amazing for he can:

make mountains out of molehills,
teach Granny to suck eggs,
make Mum’s blood boil
and then drive her up the wall.

My dad’s amazing for he also:

walks around with his head in the clouds,
has my sister eating out of his hand,
says he’s got eyes in the back of his head
and can read me like a book.

the most amazing thing of all is:

when he’s caught someone red-handed,
first he jumps down their throat
and then he bites their head off!

Ian Souter

We found this poem in ‘The Works 2 – Poems on every subject and for every occasion’, published by MacMillan with poems chosen by Brian Moses and Pie Corbett. The poem can be used as a model for poetry writing after groups of students have brainstormed more idioms. The ‘dad’ character can also be changed.


About The Henry Brothers

We are English teachers involved in ELT publishing in Turkey, and also touring the country giving workshops and presentations to English teachers, mainly on the use of poetry, storytelling and other lively activities in the classroom. We can be contacted by e-mail to or
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One Response to My Dad’s Amazing!

  1. Anonymous 1 says:

    Nice stuff . Please find more poems by Ian Souter and also some information about him . ( I need it for a speech and drama class )

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