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Who are the Henry Brothers?
“Anything given by the Henry Brothers tends to have a high level of interactivity. ..I think (they) are often hired for that entertainment level more than anything. They are a good pair to kick off or end a conference with, that’s for sure” – The Turkish TEFL Blog, 2010.

Welcome to the Henry Brothers blog.

This is our space on the web to share ideas and activites, poems and stories for the language classroom from our work at ELT conferences around Turkey.

In the right hand side bar (which is that way ===>!!!) you can find the main content of the blog:
Our recent posts, which are currently:
We got rhythm – the poem by Mike Jubb that we recently performed in Antalya with percussionist Djenk
The Stonecutter – a Japanese version of the folktale
I Asked The Little Boy Who Cannot See
A poem by Nanao Sakaki
Think Carefully Before Reading This

an archive of all of them, and links to your favourites, which currently include:

Dragons: Dangerous or Docile? – ‘Dragons’ Wood’, a poem by Brian Moses.
Love is…..Musings on the Nature of Love
The Little Boy and the Old Man – Shel Silverstein
Once Upon a Time – a poem by Gabriel Okara
Until I Saw The Sea – Lilian Moore

And in the menu bar above you can read more about us; find out about events for English teachers coming up in Turkey; more about our workshops; and other resources for language teachers.


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